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Common questions people have about websites, ZESTY, and more.

We’ve answered some common questions below. If you’d like to know anything else, feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

How are ZESTY websites different from other designers/agencies?2024-02-18T12:51:15+13:00

We take a different approach to creating websites as we’re so focused on your ideal clients.

Everything we do is centred around positioning you as the obvious choice for your ideal clients, and that starts with understanding exactly who they are, and why they’re on your website. We do this because we understand the main reason your website exists is to help you gain more of your ideal clients.

You’ll notice in our process that we do a lot of work and research before we begin your website’s design. This allows us to ensure your website is being created for your ideal clients.

We believe if you jump into the website’s design without doing any of the research, you simply won’t get the same result.

What website platforms do you use?2024-02-18T12:34:33+13:00

We’re WordPress specialists. We’ve chosen to use WordPress for a few key reasons:

  • WordPress is a stand-alone system, so you own your website. That’s pretty rare these days.
  • WordPress is fully customisable, so we won’t have to rebuild your website if you decided to add new features in years to come.
  • When built correctly, WordPress is easy for you to use, making it very straightforward to modify your website. We’ll even teach you how to do it!

Over the years we’ve tried and tested all sorts of platforms, and WordPress always comes out on top.

Can I edit my ZESTY website easily myself?2024-02-14T15:08:48+13:00

Yes! We’ll even train you on how to use your website’s back-end, so you feel confident in editing it. We’re always around if you’d prefer us to make any changes, too.

Also, our website back-ends are nice and robust so it’s hard to break things ;)

Do you only work with clients in NZ?2024-02-14T15:03:40+13:00

Whilst most of our clients are in New Zealand, we’re also proud to work with some awesome brands in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Asia. Given the type of work we do, it’s pretty easy for us to work with businesses all around the world.

How much does a website cost?2024-02-14T15:04:34+13:00

This is a tricky one to answer in an FAQ section as it really depends on your specific requirements.

Give us a call and we’d be happy to provide an estimate over the phone.

We always provide a fixed quote upfront as part of our proposal process, so there won’t be any nasty surprises later on.

How long does it take to create a website?2024-02-14T15:19:41+13:00

The short answer is “it depends”. Some websites take longer than others due to their size or complexity, but we tend to allow 8-12 weeks in total.

Take a look at our process here

Where are you located?2024-02-14T15:19:23+13:00

We’re based in the B:HIVE Building at Smales Farm in Takapuna, Auckland.

Our address is:
B:HIVE Building, Smales Farm,
74 Taharoto Road,
Auckland 0622

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